The Elite

describe yourself with a tool that describes you...

This pen can describe the most beautiful moment in your life on a piece of paper, let it describe you as well...

The Elite ball-point and fountain pen are inspired by Art Deco forms - elegant and unique in the design way. Its form is a connection of the elegance and functionality.

In the begining...


Three different companies were as the example of three various types of clients with their needs/expectations. The crucial factor in that part of designing process was to find the type of client to whom our designed set of writing tools would be dedicated.


-Bakelite body, interchangeable metal sheath (copper, gold, titanium, silver)

-Easy refill ink catridge in a fountain pen design and standard ball-point refill

-Capped fountain, and retractable, capped ball point set ​

3D prints model -test/size
3D prints model - test/form

Inspired by the Art Deco style, which it includes architecture, patterns and classic cars. Pure form of a body pen, built by curves, contrast of two colours, black and a metal colour as an inspiration of the Art Deco

describe your self...