The Deco

describe yourself with a tool that describes you...

The shape and form capture the spirit of Art Deco style. Sensual lines, rich colours, shining metal effect, simplicity and symmetry.

This is type of the pen and fountain pen which you will find a lifetime pleasure of writing.

In the begining...


Three different companies were as the example of three various types of clients with their needs/expectations. The crucial factor in that part of designing process was to find the type of client to whom our designed set of writing tools would be dedicated.

Inspired by the Art Deco style, which it includes architecture, patterns and classic cars. Pure form of a body pen, built by curves, contrast of two colours, black and a metal colour as an inspiration of the Art Deco

3D prints model -test/size

Describe your self...

-Bakelite body, interchangeable metal sheath (copper, gold, titanium, silver)

-Easy refill ink cartridge in a fountain pen design and standard ball-point refill

-Minimal, elegant, sensual. Clean and minimalistic design for an aesthetic pleasure of writing.

-Ink cartridge that can be refilled by a pump mechanism.

-The reverse shape design for a pen and fountain pen.

-Cappen fountain pen