I am a creative and open minded individual person who gets easily inspired by the world around. I find simple objects to be the ones that can become great projects. I am a collaborative person and a strong team player.

I find communication one of the most important factors of a successful project. I have been awarded a Bachelor of Arts in Product Design at Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland. Over the course of I participated in many projects, the ones I am most proud of are included in my portfolio.
I have also developed a strong interest in jewelry design.

I am a highly creative thinker open to suggestions and discussion in work.

My artistic background based on paintings and drawings helps me to develop another new creative ideas into high end level creations.

As a designer I value simplicity above all and show that in my work. Sometimes less is more. The main inspiration for my project "A set of writing tools" was the Art Deco Design Movement.  The whole design process for me  was led by this; materials, colours, shapes, adding a unique character to my final product. Everything began with hundreds of sketches, 3D designs, 3D print designs and learning how the mechanism worked. I followed this up by consulting with potential customers. Finally I produced a commercially viable prototype with a clear sales and manufacturing strategy.

In my designs I am trying to achieve a high end level of detail and quality. With my person I will bring a lot of ideas and creative solutions.
I am open to work in a multitasking team. Many different opinions create amazing ideas.